Landram 1/10 Radio Control, full option (own creation)

(Kampfstern Galactica TOS)
under construction:




BSG 75 Galactica (Blood and Chrome version) 1/4105 (Revell changed)

(BSG: Blood and Chrome)
under Construction:



Colonial Heavy Cruiser 798: Colonial One 1/200 (Starcraft Models)

under Construction:





Terminator Skull: T-600 Series 1/1 (Resin)

(Terminator: Salvation)

Silver Wing Vanship: 1/72 (Hasegawa)





Moonship 1957




NTE-3120 N.S.E.A. Protector 1/1400 (Pegasus Models)

(Galaxy Quest)






Starcruiser I (Airfix)

(The World of Garry Anderson)

Dewey Drone 1/2 (Jörg Herbst)

(Silent Running)


Element Stones 1/1

(Das Fünfte Element)

Interior element from "Deckard's Appartment"  1/1 Copy from original

(Blade Runner)

MSV Maximum Security Vehicle 1/24 (IMAI)

(Captain Scarlett)

Starfury MK 1 (PSI Corps) 1/72 (Monogram/Revell)

(Babylon 5)